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You can download Android apps from third party app stores. It features two home screens — one that combines notifications, frequently used apps and settings, widgets and running apps, and a tile-based app launcher that offers shortcuts to all installed apps at one place. Some of the tiles offer glance-able information, but are nowhere close to Windows Phone Live tiles.

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This mishmash of a UI will take some time getting used to, especially for the first time smartphone users and senior citizens. Like most Android phones, the Nokia X disables installation of apps from unknown sources by default, but after you turn it on, you leave the phone exposed to malware, spyware and other malicious threats. Android phones have a notorious reputation for not receiving software updates on time. While it is not clear if Nokia will offer regular software updates and bump up the version of Android powering its software, it is worth pointing out that it will take more time to package the OS and customize it whenever a new version of Android is released.

Nokia Forks Android In Mobile Services Push — $122 Nokia X Will Also Be Lumia “Feeder”

Also, even the current version of Nokia X software is based on Android 4. It comes with 4GB storage expandable via microSDcard.

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With low-end hardware specifications and an old version of Android, Nokia X phones will offer anything but a sub-par, sluggish user experience. In the same price range, you can get phones like the Xolo Q, Zen Ultrafone HD or Micromax Canvas 2, all of which offer satisfactory performance. The thinking was that once Nokia X users were ready for higher-end phones, Lumia would be their choice because they are already accustomed to Microsoft services and designs.

Axed Nokia X phones suffered from lack of identity

But Nokia adapted Android so much that it affected functionality. Software developers had to tweak some of their apps because Nokia X lacks key Google services. For instance, location services have to use Nokia's Here rather than Google Maps. In-app payments also had to be tweaked to allow billing through mobile carriers, something Nokia X enabled because many people in emerging markets lack credit cards.

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Meanwhile, even as Nokia adopted the look of Windows, it didn't adopt its ease of use. It was more like a knockoff version of Windows.

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Windows devices set themselves apart by offering colorful home-screen tiles stuffed with content. Instead of just a logo of Facebook , for instance, you get the first several words of notifications.

For email, you get the email's sender and the start of the subject line, so users know whether there's anything worth opening the app for. Windows also lets you create tiles to serve as shortcuts to specific tasks within apps - such as places you go often using the mapping app. Nokia X has none of that. Its home-screen tiles are static, like overblown versions of Android icons.

Now, Llamas said, Microsoft is under even more pressure to succeed with Windows in emerging markets. Although recent improvements help, he said, many phone makers by now have settled on Android for cheaper devices.

Spy On Whatsapp Messenger Using Nokia 7

Nokia X did succeed at keeping prices low. In killing Nokia X, Microsoft isn't changing Nokia's commitment to serving emerging markets.

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Microsoft knows those regions are high-growth areas, as many people in the United States and other industrialized markets already have smartphones. Microsoft is also aware that those devices need to be affordable. The day before Nokia announced its Android phones at a February wireless show in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft unveiled plans to update its Windows Phone system.

Among other things, the software runs more efficiently, so it doesn't require as much processing power. That update, Windows Phone 8. Microsoft also began giving the Windows software to phone makers for free, the way Google has with Android.

Nokia X Android Store, Nokia services replace Google Maps, Notifications and In-app Payments

And it relaxed requirements for physical buttons. All that has made Windows phones cheaper to make. The Nokia X phones do have some good touches, including slots for two SIM cards - something important for emerging markets, where phone rates vary so much that people often switch services depending on whom they are calling or texting. Windows didn't allow that until the May update.